Hello From The Hallowoods

Episode 91 - Orders

August 31, 2022 William A. Wellman Season 2 Episode 98
Hello From The Hallowoods
Episode 91 - Orders
Show Notes

Grug makes an effort, Marco hatches a plan, and Mrs. Wicker goes to war. The theme of tonight’s episode is Orders.

(To avoid spoilers, content warnings are listed at the end of this episode description).

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Hello From The Hallowoods is written and produced by William A. Wellman, a queer horror author and writing coach. You can visit their website for more information! 

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Music for this episode was used under license from Artlist.com. The soundtracks featured were: 

'Forest Overture', by Yehezkel Raz, 
'Dark Tension', by Kyle Preston, 
'Searching Through The Rubble', by Josh McCausland, 
'Fortitude', by Lance Conrad, 
'Zircon', by Ottom, 
'Bleeding Fields,' by Muted, 
'Horror In Your Eyes', by G Yerro, 
'Watching the Rain Fall,' by Be Still The Earth, 
'Mysa', by Laurel Violet, 
'I Will Rise', by Roman P, 
'Into The Storm', by Ian Post,
'The Tree Who Grew On Water', by Yoav Ilan, 
'Morning Dew', by Ardie Son, 
'82 Years Old', by Yehezkel Raz, 
'A Journey's Epilogue - Instrumental Version', by Sivan Talmor, 
'Exhale', by Salt of the Sound, 
and 'Farewell', by Maya Belsitzman and Matan Ephrat 

Content warnings for this episode include:

Abuse, Ableism, Animal death (Heidi as usual), Violence, Kidnapping and abduction, Death + Injury, Blood, Religious Violence, Homophobia, Birds, Gun Mention, Static (including sfx), Emotional Manipulation, Drowning, Body horror, Life Support, Buried Alive