Hello From The Hallowoods

Old Bindings - Live Show

October 12, 2022 William A. Wellman Season 2 Episode 104
Hello From The Hallowoods
Old Bindings - Live Show
Show Notes

It's the recording from our second live show! This aired as part of the Streaming For Survivors event to support the WAVAW crisis center in March 2022. Casper Oliver returns as Downing Hill archivist Laurence Abbot to uncover secrets about the library... and himself.

(To avoid spoilers, content warnings are listed at the end of this episode description).

The Season 2 Epilogue that goes with this episode is ‘Something Broken, and is available for Hallowoods patrons on the show’s Patreon, along with behind-the-scenes, exclusive merchandise, and more! Because the show runs without ads or sponsors, we rely on support from fans to guarantee the survival of this LGBTQ+ horror podcast.

The transcript for this episode is available on the Hello From The Hallowoods Website. Click here to read!

Casper Oliver is a queer voice actor, writer, and podcast producer! You can find them in excellent shows like Jar of Rebuke, Nexilis Games, The Soft-Boiled Detective, Georgie Romero Is Done For, and The Queer Thesperience. You can find him at @casperoliverVO or at their personal website. 

The character of Laurence Abbot originally appeared in the 'Athenaeums' S1 Miniseries, written by guest author Theo Dixon. Theo is a queer author, podcaster and aspiring mortician, and can be found at @eldriitchbones or at crow's personal website. 

Hello From The Hallowoods is written and produced by William A. Wellman, a queer horror author and writing coach. You can visit their website for more information! 

You can also find Hello From The Hallowoods on social media! The show is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @thehallowoods. If you’d like to connect with other fans of the show, there’s even a fan-run Discord Server!

Music for this episode was used under license from Artlist.com. The soundtracks featured were:

‘Forest Overture’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘82 Years Old’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘Bad Friends’, by Tamuz Dekel,
‘Here There’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘Gazing Wide’, by Tamuz Dekel,
‘Odd Numbers’, by Curtis Cole,
‘Afternoon Mist’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘A Drop Of Sparks’, by Benja,
‘Metamorphosis,’ by The Bows,
‘Don’t Mind The Rain’, by the Oriole Orchestra (public domain),
‘Dark Tension’, by Kyle Preston,
‘No One Is Out Here’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘Bleeding Fields’, by Muted,
‘Ganymede’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘Witness - Extended Version’ by Oliver Michael,
‘Ascending Power’, by Shahead Mostafafar,
‘The Desert’, by Patrick Ussher,
‘Dark Blood’, by Jimmy Svensson,
‘We’, by Fjodor,
‘Tea For One’, by Yehezkel Raz,
‘A Journey’s Epilogue - Instrumental Version’, by Sivan Talmor,
‘Exhale’, by Salt of the Sound,
And ‘Farewell’, by Maya Belsitzman and Matan Ephrat

Content warnings for this episode include:
Memory loss, Parental death, Violence, Kidnapping and abduction, Death + Injury, Blood, Religious Violence, Birds, Strangulation/suffocation, Static (including sfx), Emotional Manipulation, Drowning, Bugs, Body horror