Hello From The Hallowoods

Episode 97 - Hallows

October 31, 2022 William A. Wellman Season 3 Episode 107
Hello From The Hallowoods
Episode 97 - Hallows
Show Notes

Nikignik offers a warning, and welcomes you back to the Hallowoods in this Halloween special. 

(To avoid spoilers, content warnings are listed at the end of this episode description).

Hello From The Hallowoods is written and produced by William A. Wellman, a queer horror author and writing coach. You can visit their website for more information! 

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Music for this episode was used under license from Artlist.com. The soundtracks featured were: 

‘Welcome’, by Borrtex, 
‘It All Begins Here’, by Borrtex, 
‘Meeting Emma’, by Borrtex, 
‘Shut Away’, by Pablo Suarez, 
‘Beyond The Time’, by Turpak, 
‘Collecting Memories’, by Aija Alsina, 
‘Between Hands’, by Mattia Vlad Morleo, 
And ‘Forest Overture’, by Yehezkel Raz 

Content warnings for this episode include: 

Veins, Heartbeats.