Hello From The Hallowoods

Episode 98 - Harvests

November 09, 2022 William A. Wellman Season 3 Episode 108
Hello From The Hallowoods
Episode 98 - Harvests
Show Notes

Violet prepares for the winter, Riot goes trick-or-treating, and Diggory gets an unexpected visitor. The theme of tonight’s episode is Harvests.

(To avoid spoilers, content warnings are listed at the end of this episode description).

The bonus story that goes with this episode is ‘New Digs’, and is available for Hallowoods patrons on the show’s Patreon, along with behind-the-scenes, exclusive merchandise, and more! Because the show runs without ads or sponsors, we rely on support from fans to guarantee the survival of this LGBTQ+ horror podcast.

This episode features a promo for The Children Of Room 56! It's a podcast about secrets, monsters, secret monsters, being queer in a small town, lakes with teeth, and eyes where eyes don’t belong, written by Alex Abrahams. You can find it wherever you listen to podcasts, on social media at @room56pod, or at https://www.listless.ga.

Hello From The Hallowoods is written and produced by William A. Wellman, a queer horror author and writing coach. You can visit their website for more information! 

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Music for this episode was used under license from Artlist.com. The soundtracks featured were: 

‘Forest Overture’, by Yehezkel Raz, 
‘Northern Shores’, by Ben Winwood, 
‘Inner Circles’, by Ran Raiten, 
‘Apogean Tide’, by Roger Louis Harmon, 
‘Yearning’, by ANBR, 
‘Zircon’, by Ottom, 
‘A Pinch of Magic’, by Jacub Pietras, 
‘Elevation’, by Itai Argaman, 
‘Who Lives Up That Hill’, by Idokay, 
‘Don’t Mind The Rain’, by the Oriole Orchestra (public domain), 
‘Sun Up,’ by Laurel Violet, 
‘Earth and Heavens, Instrumental Version’, by Semo,
‘After You Came’, by Yehezkel Raz, 
‘Ganymede’, by Yehezkel Raz, 
‘Dead Leaves’, by Yehezkel Raz, 
‘Laniakea’, by Yehezkel Raz, 
‘Through The Time Portal’, by Marco Martini,
‘Exhale’, by Salt of the Sound, 
‘Fast and Run’, by Nico Staf, 
And ‘Farewell’, by Maya Belsitzman and Matan Ephrat 

Content warnings for this episode include: 

Animal death (Heidi as usual), Kidnapping and abduction, Death + Injury, Blood, Static (including sfx), Emotional Manipulation, Body horror, Consumption of Inedible Materials (bad candy), Electrocution, vomit (turn of phrase)

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