Hello From The Hallowoods

Episode 138 - A Little More Static

October 18, 2023 William A. Wellman Season 3 Episode 138
Hello From The Hallowoods
Episode 138 - A Little More Static
Show Notes

A heart beats in the North. There is no episode tonight; all you may hear is a little more static.

(To avoid spoilers, content warnings are listed at the end of this episode description).

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The voice of Danielle O'Hara is Kdin Jenzen. Kdin is a producer and voice actor for project like RWBY, One Piece, and Genshin Impact. You can find Kdin at @KdinJenzen on social media, or at KdinJenzenVo.com.

Hello From The Hallowoods is written and produced by William A. Wellman, a queer horror author. You can visit their website for more information! 

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Music for this episode was used under license from Artlist.com. The soundtracks featured were: 

'Forest Overture', by Yehezkel Raz.

Content warnings for this episode include: 

Blood, drowning, death, monologuing